Our Story

We all are connected, through our past and through our roots. Our history defines who we are today, and what we do today defines our legacy. Tayyab Trust’s journey began 150-years ago, where an idea was created that led to a revolution and changed history forever. During the 1860s, Imam Qasim Nanotvi (RA), a well-known Islamic scholar and theologian, established an educational movement that revived religious teachings in India. Today, his educational principles are still being followed all around the world, where since the beginning, the Qasmi family has been dedicatedly serving humanity.

Our story is a part of our past and our future. Today, the sixth-generation of the Qasmi family is leading the way forward in community development. Tayyab Trust was established to continue the legacy of the Qasmi family, and over the years, we were able to achieve significant impact throughout India, changing thousands of lives for the better. Driven by passion and purpose, Tayyab Trust remains steadfast in continuously delivering humanitarian aid to people in need without any bias of their religion, cast, gender, or belief. Together, we believe we can combat poverty and build a better world for all.

This is why we do, what we do.


Tayyab Trust is a non-profit organization empowering individuals to rise out of poverty through relief and development.



To inspire and uplift individuals from the struggles of poverty.


  1. Integrity – professionalism and honesty in what we do
  2. Empathy – love and care for all
  3. Transparency – public display of work done and impact created
  4. Result-Oriented – committed towards measurable impacts
  5. Community Engagement – consultation/collaboration with community leaders
  6. Growth – constant learning and strengthening through setbacks