COVID-19 India: Community Kitchen Feeding

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Help Feed The Poor in India During COVID-19 – USD 0.93 per person

– Feed 100 people for USD 93

– Feed 500 people for INR 465

– Feed 1000 people for INR 930

by Tayyab Trust

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During the COVID-19 countrywide lockdown in India, there are thousands of poor individuals who cannot work and therefore cannot feed themselves as all businesses and daily activities are suspended. Beneficiaries include daily wagers, disabled, homeless, laborers, and street beggars who are fully dependent on others to survive. In New Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh, our team will provide daily full cooked meals through the Community Kitchen established within and/or near urban slums. With the authorization of the local authorities, our team will mobilize its staff and volunteers for the food distribution, who are fully equipped with protective gear such as masks and gloves for COVID-19.

Feed The Poor in India During COVID-19: USD 0.93 per person

Feed 100 people for USD 93

Feed 500 people for INR 465

Feed 1000 people for INR 930

During these difficult times of COVID-19, India’s poor struggle with hunger and through donating a community kitchen that provides daily cooked meals to thousands of hungry poor individuals, the poor would not have to worry about where to get there next meal and can instead stay home and abide by the government regulations to stay protected and safe from the COVID-19 virus. Staying well-fed will improve the poor’s overall health, benefiting their fight against the virus.