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Youth Training on Employable/Entrepreneurial Skills: IT, Multimedia, Retail Management, Accounting, Paramedics, Nursing, Construction, Home Decor, Tailoring, Beautician, etc.

Government of India Partner (NSDC) Multiple Skill Centers Operating in India – Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, & Delhi

Zakat Eligible & Tax Benefit

by Tayyab Trust

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The low employability of youth is one of the main factors hampering India’s efforts towards facilitating inclusive growth. More than 50% of India’s population of 1.3 billion is below 25 years of age, and it is estimated that 57% of India’s youth suffer from some degree of unemployability. India’s working age population (aged 15–59 years) is 431 million; 29% are illiterate, and 24% have a primary-level education or below. Along with that, only 17% of the labor force is educated to the senior secondary level.


India is currently facing a ‘demographic dividend,’ which means that the country’s population has more people in the working age than those who are not in the working age. Being the second most populated country in the world, and soon in 2020 to be the youngest country in the world, India’s youth are the future of the global workforce, however, effective skill training is needed to make sure proper growth is maintained. These young individuals have dreams to achieve professional goals and improve the society, but not all are fortunate enough to be able to get an opportunity to learn and be educated.


Through a unique partnership with the government of India (NSDC), professional vocational centers are established in different regions of the country (Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, & New Delhi) to train youth on employable skills such as IT, multimedia, paramedics, nursing, construction, home decor, tailoring, beautician, etc. Special courses have also been designed for Madarsa students and Pardah bearing girls (niqab) in such a way that they can earn a respectable income while adhering to the lifestyles of their choice. These courses are high in demand and have excellent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Only $215 can help train youth on vital skills for the future. Funds needed for 50 students.

Zakat Eligible & Tax Benefit


  • Youth are trained on employable & entrepreneurial skills
  • Skilled youth can earn income for themselves and their families, uplifting them from poverty
  • Society is educated and trained individuals lead the workforce
  • Dreams of youth are given hope

4500+ unemployed youth trained over the past few years in various employable skills!

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