#Feedathon – $1.5 Cooked Iftaar Meals for Poor Fasting Muslims

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Provide daily Iftaar meals to poor fasting Muslims in India!

1 Iftaar meal for 1 person: $1.50

To sponsor 1 person for the whole month of Ramadan: $45

by Tayyab Trust

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During the month of Ramadan, thousands of Muslims all around the world are fasting, but many of the poor do not have enough food to break their fast with. In India, at a time of high temperatures where heat reaches 45 C or 113 F, poor individuals, despite working full-day, struggle to arrange basic Iftaar for their families. Beneficiaries typically include rickshaw pullers, construction workers, house maids, homeless people, street beggars, and other daily wagers.


In order to make their life easier this Ramadan, Tayyab Trust has organized #feedathon to provide cooked meals daily during Ramadan to poor fasting Muslims. All cooked meals include dates, bananas, fried fritters, meat curry, bread, rice, and flavored drinks. We ask all our brothers and sisters to support this campaign, share and join with us in the spirit of Ramadan.

1 Iftaar meal for 1 person: $1.50

To sponsor 1 person for the whole month of Ramadan: $45


  1. Poor fasting Muslims will have sufficient food to break their fast with.
  2. The poor save money on buying food, which can be utilized in other important expenses.
  3. Daily duas and rewards sent directly from the beneficiaries.
  4. Spirit of Ramadan celebrated.

In the past 6 years, Tayyab Trust has given 3.25 million meals!

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