Ramadan Food Pack Distribution – Feed The Fasting Families in India

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Provide monthly Food Packs to fasting families in India for only $40! Celebrate Ramadan with sharing goodness and help spread joy in the lives of the poor.

by Tayyab Trust

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This year, Ramadan will begin on the evening of Sunday, May 5th, where millions of people in India will be fasting throughout the month. The Prophet (SAW) has said, “whoever feeds a fasting person has forgiveness for their sins, and their necks have been saved from the hell fire, and they have the same reward as the fasting person without diminishing from the fasting person’s reward.”



During this spiritual time, Muslims around the world completely dedicate themselves towards Allah (SWT). Among the fasting families, the poor do not have enough food to break their fast with, but despite the lack of food, these families continue to fast during Ramadan, with hopes to make most of the holy month. Additionally, this year Ramadan is occurring in the peak summer season in India, which reaches temperatures around 100 F or 43 C. The poor must work in such heat in order to earn basic income and bring food for the family, which is an extremely difficult task, especially when one is fasting. Such hardships make it tough for individuals to continue fasting.


For only $40, you can feed one fasting family for the whole month of Ramadan!

Food Packs are distributed in many parts of India to those who are fasting but do not have enough food to break their fast with. All beneficiaries are pre-surveyed and are provided Food Packs through a token-distribution system, keeping in mind the spirit of Ramadan and the dignity of the poor. A multi religious community feast is also organized in which poor from different faiths are invited to jointly participate in the Iftaar and appreciate the essence of Ramadan. In certain cases, monthly food packs are also home delivered to hundreds of unsupported widows, elderly, and differently-abled beneficiaries, who are unable to come at the distribution location.

Full list of items included in one monthly Food Pack along with distribution locations:


  1. Fasting families will have enough food to break their fast and Suhoor.
  2. Family members working in the heat will not have to worry for their next meal.
  3. The poor save money on buying food, which can be utilized in other important expenses.
  4. Community awareness spread and positive culture shared.
  5. The true spirit of Ramadan celebrated.

3.25 million meals given in the last 6 years!

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