Gift of Life – C-Section Deliveries

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Subsidized Surgeries / C-Section Deliveries – Diagnosed & Treatment
Affordable Care at Good Quality – Save 2 Lives – The Mother & Newborn!
Zakat Eligible & Tax Benefit

$150 can help bring a new life in this world! Total Needed: 100

by Tayyab Trust Manager

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According to the World Health Organization, on average 5 women in India die every hour during childbirth. India contributes to one-fourth of all newborn deaths, which is the highest number of neonatal deaths for any country in the world! No form of medical healthcare or insurance is available for these pregnant women.


Due to lack of proper medical infrastructure and facilities, women are forced to deliver in their homes, which often results to the fatality of the baby or the mother. These poor mothers do not have any money in hand, and cannot even afford proper care for themselves; they are left with no choice but to risk their lives and pray for better health.


Tayyab Trust has a multi-specialty hospital, Tayyab Hospital, which provides professional C-section deliveries to poor expectant mothers who cannot afford to or don’t have access to such maternal care. Complete diagnosis and treatment of the pregnant mother is taken care of. This way, you can save 2 lives at one time: the mother and the newborn child!

For just $150, you can bring the greatest joy to a mother: the Gift of Life.

Total need is 100 surgeries, donate now and help make a difference!


  1. Proper medical facility and services provided for C-section deliveries/surgeries
  2. Complete health checkup pre and post delivery
  3. Pregnant women no longer need to deliver at home
  4. Risk of death of newborn due to lack of infrastructure or care avoided
  5. 2 lives saved at one time: the mother and the newborn

Up till now, we have successfully delivered 2000+ C-Section deliveries & surgeries!

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