Prospects of Hope – Small Business Startup for Skilled Youth

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Income Generation for Recently Skilled Youth for their Small-Business Startup
Startup Inventory for Shop, Tools & Equipment, Startup Capital
Zakat Eligible & Tax Benefit

$725 per Startup. 10 Startup Capital Needed.

by Tayyab Trust

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There are thousands of people who want to build a respectable livelihood for themselves and for their family’s future. The poor have limited resources to earn a living and those who train themselves with skills for employment or entrepreneurial opportunities may also not find success at once. India in 2020 will be the youngest country in the world, but the youth are in desperate need of hope.


Despite having all the talent, poor individuals do not have enough money to start their own small-scale business, which will help bring income for themselves and their families. Tackling many obstacles, these young individuals feel hopeless just because they are poor. Born to unfavorable circumstances, such poor individuals need basic capital to launch their businesses so that they can utilize their hard-earned skills and look forwards to a better future.


By combining the skills and knowledge gained by the youth and converting them into small-scale businesses, young individuals can start earning an income from tomorrow, gradually uplifting themselves out of poverty. Tayyab Trust provides an income generation opportunity to poor and deserving youth in India to launch their own businesses such as sewing, tailoring, beautician, etc.. Startup inventory for a shop, necessary tools & equipment, and total startup capital is provided.

Give hope to youth today! $725 per startup, 10 Startup Capital required.

Zakat Eligible & Tax Benefit


  • Young individuals are hopeful again for their future
  • Skilled youth can begin using their talents and start earning
  • Poverty is reduced and basic livelihood is provided

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